I plodded into the office Monday morning, as I always did. It was another bleak day and the last thing I wanted to do right then was deal with Grace. She was the latest girl I was designing a dress for, and she never seemed to know what it was that she wanted.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I’ve made a name for myself in such an unforgiving world, but seeing one of my designs being worn my some teenager to prom, I can’t help but feel that the beauty in the world is underappreciated.

I had sat reluctantly at my desk and began to search for the portfolio before I saw it. A box, cream, or was it beige? Its material looked rougher, and was a matte colour, but it only served to enhance the beauty of the silk contrasting its texture and colour. My fingertips ran across the golden pendant on the top of the box.

I glanced around, wondering who could have left it there. Seeing no one, my heart racing, I opened it slowly. I lifted the card it held, daring to read it. I had been invited to Allison’s wedding. Smiling, I commended her attention to detail, the beauty of the invitation. She was always so elegant and the thought of her glowing with happiness filled me with joy.

Tucked in behind the RSVP card was a small hand-written note saying simply, “Design my dress?”

I laughed, oh Allison of course I would! I would see you wear it on your wedding day and it would be my most beautiful creation. I had already started to sketch it. The invitation was my inspiration.

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