I smiled as I gazed out across the city from the comfort of my balcony. It had cooled slightly and the air was pleasant now. I thought of how stifling the heat used to seem to me, yet now, it was just part of my life. Abu Dhabi was my home now, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.
My thoughts were disrupted by the sliding of the patio door as Cyrus came out onto the balcony, a tray in hand.
“A letter for you.”
Rested on the tray, a golden envelope contrasted with the glistening silver in the semi-darkness of dusk. It was embossed with an Arabic looking pattern, and as I lifted it from the tray I saw it was sealed with a symbol I didn’t recognise, despite my years spent here.
I lifted the seal delicately, sliding out a crisp, white card whose design twinkled in the glow of the setting sun; the gem in its center shining as a star.
I opened it, seeing the swirling golden letters dancing across the page. I was invited to May’s wedding party. A smile crept across my face as I thought of how beautiful she would look, and of the freedom she would have to enjoy herself there, surrounded by her female friends. It would be her day, and I would be a part of it.

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