Julie Gibson is the founder and owner of Studio Grace. A traveler by nature, Julie has lived, worked, and drawn inspiration from all over the world. After studying architectural engineering and leaving her secure job in search of something more hands‐on, she found herself fitting naturally into the world of stationary, design and printing. Finding inspiration among the pages of vintage Vogue fashion spreads or just the right piece of ribbon, Julie creates every item with a purposeful hand. There’s a warmth that radiates from her designs, and it very clearly comes from Julie herself. Authenticity is extremely important, and while she insists that her invitations be high‐end, it’s the quality that truly matters. In an industry that has a traditionally cold veneer, Julie Gibson is a real person.
At Studio Grace, Julie Gibson’s beautiful and delicately crafted high‐end stationary usually starts with a seed. “What is your favorite thing about your wedding?” Opening one of Julie’s invitations is all about the experience. A ribbon to unravel, a story to be opened or another book hidden within the pages— it’s anything but two pretty pieces of flat paper stuck in an envelope. Calling on her understanding of architecture, Julie acknowledges the importance of a solid foundation. From 100% cotton paper to silk boxes made by Buddhist monks in Thailand— quality is a guarantee. Studio Grace’s invitations, corporate collateral, announcements, and personal stationary are completely custom‐ designed and made of the most exceptional materials, honoring and paying tribute to your wedding, birthday bash, or any one of the number of special days that makes up a beautiful life.

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